NAMS Homepage

NAMS is the peak body for Mobile Services Australia-wide and is particularly supportive of those services funded under the Australian Government’s Budget Based Funding Program. The Australian Government and NAMS have a common interest in ensuring that children in rural and remote areas have access to high quality, well targeted and well managed services.

The purpose of NAMS is to represent and support culturally Mobile and other atypical services fostering and promoting the well-being, welfare and care for families with children living in rural and remote regions of Australia.

We are passionate about the flexible, innovative Mobile services that operate in many areas of Australia. Mobiles are the most diverse of Children’s Services, they were developed to meet the needs of communities and many operate in rural and remote areas.

Mobile Services are very much valued by the communities and families in which the services   operate, they provide flexible, responsive and innovative services to children, their families and communities that are experiencing social, geographic, cultural and/or economic isolation.

Mobile Services operate where the local, educationally focused, early childhood development service system is unable to provide reasonable access to children in isolated circumstances.

Object and Purpose

  • To represent and support culturally appropriate Mobile and other atypical Services providing for families with children living in rural and remote regions of Australia.
  • To facilitate networking.
  • To provide information exchange.
  • To provide resources.
  • To encourage regular training.
  • To advocate for mobiles and the association.
  • To liaise with other representative and lobby groups.
  • To relieve (within the limits of the resources available to the Association) poverty, disadvantage and isolation suffered by children on the basis of need, irrespective of race, creed or religion.